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Elevatorman826 GoAnimate Videos (or Elevatorman826) is a GoAnimator and a YouTuber. He started YouTube on May 21, 2016. He also started GoAnimate For Schools too. Where did the name come from Elevatorman826? It came from his Roblox username. He also made his own broadcasting name called "Elevatorman826 Broadcasting". His first video he uploaded was called "Computer Virus". It was recorded with a screen recorder called "Screencastify". Then on July 26, 2016, GoAnimate For Schools retired the old themes such as Comedy World. He made a screen recording video about the retirement countdown. He used to start Business Friendly videos. But then on October 2016, He got Comedy World back on GoAnimate For Schools using a Chrome extension called "Requestly". When he watched Dallas Toons's GoAnimate videos, He started a reaction video called "Eric and the stocks at the theater Part 3 (FINALE)". He then made a video with Dallas in it called: "I dream about meeting Dallas Toons". A month later, He commented about being friends, and now they are friends. Weeks later, He found out that he was added in the Cool Peepz list on Dallas's YouTube channel. So He made a screen recording of his reaction. His last Comedy world video with Requestly was called "uolliaC Gets The 43 Chars Meal. Then on January 9, He found another way to get Comedy World back since he created videos with Comedy World, is saving the props, characters, and backgrounds as the starters which he uses today. He went on to a subscriber counter website, searched up his YouTube channel name, and He found it. Then he created a YouTube Video Editor video about being on Subscriber Counter. Then, when he got 30 subs, He started a new series called "Elevatorman826 News".

EXTRAS: On August 13, He created a Wix website called "Elevatorman826 Broadcasting" (elevatorman826bc).

He started doing Gaming videos, his first gaming video he did was Roblox.

He joined Dallas's Hangouts On Air for the first time On December 2016.

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